How to Sleep Well at Christmas

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year! No matter what age you are, it’s still an annual highlight and the joy of giving and receiving presents is something that never seems to get old.

But all that fun can come at a cost. As well as loosening your belt and getting a sore throat with all the Christmas carol singing, many people find themselves exhausted after a hectic festive period. This is particularly true for those of us trusted with cooking the precious Christmas lunch.

It’s important that you sleep well and keep your energy levels high throughout the Christmas season. In today’s article, we’re going to share three simple ways that will help you sleep better, and explain why adjustable beds could make for the perfect Christmas or new year gift to a loved one, or to yourself.

3 Simple Ways to Sleep Well This Christmas

Pre-prepare the Food You’ll Cook

For many of us, an unmissable part of Christmas Day is the traditional Christmas lunch. While some of the family wait all year for the delicious dinner, the cooks have a stressful job on their hands.

It stands to reason, therefore, that pre-preparing food is an important way of relieving stress on the day. There are many elements of Christmas lunch that can be prepared in advance, including:

  • Golden roast potatoes
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Yorkshire puddings
  • Pigs in blankets
  • Make-ahead gravy
  • Spiced red cabbage
  • Christmas cake (the best cakes are made weeks in advance and allowed to mature)
  • Easy mince pies

Prepare your meal in advance and you’re sure to sleep safe in the knowledge that you’re ready for the big day.

Prepare Your Sleep Cycle

Another simple way to sleep well this Christmas is to prepare for your grandchildren getting up early on Christmas morning. The excitement in their eyes and the memories that are created are sure to make the early rise worthwhile. But it’s worth getting an early night on Christmas Eve and allowing your body to rest properly before the big day.

You might also consider tweaking your sleeping pattern a few nights before Christmas Day. As early as December 21st, start getting into bed earlier and rising earlier. When Christmas Day arrives, your body will be rested and used to the early-rising pattern.

Be sure to get your grandchildren into bed early on Christmas Eve. If you let them stay up later, you will end up waiting until the early hours to place presents under the tree and will be exhausted when they race out of bed in the morning.

Enjoy a Relaxing Walk and Relieve Stress

We’ve mentioned Christmas stress a number of times, haven’t we? Between cooking, shopping, wrapping presents, and spending time with family, Christmas can be an overwhelming experience.

Your brain won’t let you sleep if your stress levels are high. Whether you are hosting or visiting friends or family, a busy and noisy house can create that feeling of ‘cabin fever’, making it difficult to relax. Grandparents used to living in a quiet house may find yourselves hit by a wall of noise on entering other houses. Not sleeping beforehand can make you feel sluggish, and will eventually slow you down when you need energy for your hosting or helper duties.

The solution is straightforward. At a convenient moment in the morning, wrap up warm, go out and get some fresh air. The fact that you’ve already prepared in advance of the big day means that you have created the time to go for a walk.

Try going for a walk before Christmas breakfast, and take the children as well. If there are suitable spaces to do so, let them run around to release some energy – you’ll be grateful for their fatigue later in the day.

When you get back to the house you’ll be ready for your breakfast, your Christmas lunch, and maybe even a small glass of Bucks Fizz (but not for the children, of course!).

If you don’t have time in the morning, then a short walk in the evening will help you relax and clear your head, preparing you for sleep.

How Comfomatic Adjustable Beds Can Help this Christmas

There are lots of ideas in the above article that will help you achieve a fun but stress-free Christmas Day. They may not all apply to you (particularly if there are no children or grandchildren in your household), but a combination of these ideas will help take away some of the stress from the proceedings and allow you to fully enjoy your Christmas Day.

It’s a busy time of year, and it’s important that your body is well rested. As well as the traditional Christmas activities mentioned above, you’re likely to be eating and drinking more than usual. Our carefully designed adjustable beds could, in some cases, ease the symptoms of indigestion.

The extra partying, singing and dancing can leave your body exhausted. Muscles that haven’t worked for a long time will suddenly be put into overdrive – make sure that your bed supports those muscles and helps them to recover.

Our adjustable beds will do just that. As well as helping your body to rest in the most beneficial position, they also support your movements during the night and provide unparalleled comfort.

The adjustable that we offer can be customised in several different ways, too. Beds can be lowered to make entry and exit straightforward, and a remote control moves the bed to help support any back, hip and leg issues.

So whether you are trying to deliver the perfect Christmas for many, visiting family, or spending it alone at home, always remember it is important to keep perspective and not lose sight of the true values of Christmas.

From all the management and staff at Comfomatic Ltd, we wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy (and restful) New Year!

The Comfomatic Team

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