Environmentally Friendly

Comfomatic protecting the environment

When you ask Comfomatic to remove your old furniture, you can relax knowing that it is disposed of responsibly. Comfomatic have teamed up with Bulky Bob’s, a social enterprise. Bulky Bob’s will assess your old furniture to see if it can be donated to charity or a family in crisis. With furniture that can’t follow these routes it will either be up-cycled or deconstructed to its constituent parts and recycled.

Disposing of old furniture in this way:- helps others, avoids landfill and reduces CO2 emissions. Because we are unable to store old furniture we only offer this service on the basis that once removed, it cannot be returned under any circumstances

About Bulky Bob’s

Bulky Bob’s was created in 2000 by FRC Group, a Liverpool social enterprise and charity. Bulky Bob’s has held the bulky household waste collection service with Liverpool City Council since its creation and also delivers collection services for Oldham and Warrington councils. Bulky Bob’s now works with lots of commercial companies, such as Comfomatic. We use Bulky Bob’s for a number or reasons, but primarily because:

  • Bulky Bob’s is accredited and fully compliant with BISA standards
  • Bulky Bob’s sends zero to landfill and provides certificates of destruction
  • Bulky Bob’s gives away crisis furniture packages to people in poverty

At Comfomatic, we are committed to running an ethical business whereby our ‘assisted technology’ beds and chairs have helped to improve the quality of life for many people. Using Bulky Bob’s for old furniture removals means we can get some get some social value in our supply chain, a policy that dovetails nicely with the overarching aims of the business.

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