Once you get used to your new Comfomatic bed, chair or bath lift, we are confident that you will soon begin to wonder how you got on without it.

That’s why, peace of mind is a standard feature delivered with every Comfomatic product. So, in addition to your first year’s manufacturers guarantee across beds, chairs and bath lifts, all our beds and chairs come complete with a five-year Staingard insurance backed warranty and all our bath lifts come complete with a three-year Mark Bates Ltd, insurance backed warranty.

The Staingard warranty provides protection against operational failure due to structural defects, faulty workmanship, defective materials, and certain types of accidental damage and stains. Our guarantee and warranty are subject to terms, conditions and exclusions which are set out in the policy document.

The Mark Bates warranty provides protection against most types of accidental damage for the first year. In the second and third year it includes protection against electrical and or mechanical failure together with most types of accidental damage.

Like all other mechanical products, we advise you to have your sleep system serviced by us annually. Having your sleep system serviced in this way, will help prolong its life and can enable faults to be detected and repaired before they become a major issue and whilst they are still covered by your Staingard warranty.

Comfomatic offer an annual service plan for all products, please contact our customer service team for further details. Taking out the annual service plan, ensures your service is conducted annually, gives you access to discounts in our web shop and even provides discounts if you decide to invest in any other Comfomatic product.

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