What is the Zero Gravity Position?

Here at Comfomatic, we do everything possible to make sure that you’re getting the best sleep each night. After all, you spend a third of your life there. Sleep quality also has an impact on mental health, happiness and productivity. We’re sure you’ll agree that getting the science behind that sleep is worth getting right.

In this article we’re going to explain a little about how our adjustable beds offer our customers the feeling of weightlessness with the zero gravity position. But what does gravity have to do with beds? Why are we starting science class when we’re discussing sleep quality? And why are NASA involved?! Keep on reading to find out.

So, What Exactly is the Zero Gravity Position?

It might not seem like it, but it’s all in the name. Zero gravity (also known as zero-g) is the state of weightlessness. Yes, exactly like you would get in space, this condition of weightlessness involves moving with a gravitational force neutralisation.

NASA developed this position to maximise comfort for astronauts heading into space. But it was designed to protect them too. When entering space, there are some pretty significant forces acting on an astronaut’s body. Specifically, those forces act on the astronaut’s spine. The zero gravity position alleviates that pressure and keeps the passengers comfortable until they’re out of orbit.

So, what does the zero gravity position look like? Well, it’s pretty simple. You lay on your back with your legs, spine and head slightly more elevated than your stomach and heart. Your body will be in a 120° position. This reduces stress on your lower back and eases circulation, whilst your upper back and head remain anatomically supported.

This combination of weightlessness and pressure relief is something which quickly caught the attention of bed makers. So, thanks to NASA, we’ve been able to incorporate the zero gravity position in to our adjustable bed range. In fact, NASA also developed the science behind memory foam mattresses. Maybe our industry owes them a little more than we realised…

Now that you know exactly what zero gravity is, let’s take a look at why it’s used in your regular, adjustable bed.

Why is Zero Gravity Used With Beds?

Your back goes through a pretty rigorous shift every single day. When it comes to giving your spine some rest, doesn’t it pay to make sure it’s beneficial? Making sure you’re getting a high-quality sleep should be high on the priority list.

Also, it is believed that 80% of us experience back and neck pain that can be improved with changes to our posture, especially when we’re resting. The zero gravity position in your adjustable bed helps to address that.

The position is designed with a unique set of angles and offsets with the purpose of relieving, relaxing and stabilising your spine. There’s less pressure on the discs in your back, circulation is improved with less soft tissue tension too.

But the zero gravity position benefits your whole body. The pressures of gravity are relieved. Your weight is evenly spread throughout the bed and your body receives the support it needs. The head and leg are also raised, in a position which gives users a feeling very close to weightlessness.

What Are the Benefits?

No doctor will prescribe you an adjustable bed with the zero gravity position for complex conditions and illnesses. But for back problems, sloppy posture and poor sleep quality, hundreds of our customers have experienced noticeable benefits of a zero gravity position adjustable bed. These benefits are documented in the results of our UK-wide Sleep Study. The biggest sleep survey of its kind that we are aware of.

Fundamentally, pressure is removed from painful parts of the body. This leads to heightened relaxation and a better quality of sleep. And we don’t need to explain why sleep quality is important.

We’ve already mentioned improved circulation. The zero gravity position can improve blood flow, which reduces swelling too.

So as well as improving circulation, reducing back and neck pain and improving the sleep quality of many of our customers, what else does an adjustable bed from Comfomatic do? Turns out they can even reduce your chances of snoring too. We know; customers have told us that too!

The overriding improvement, however, is in our customers’ average Slumber Number. That’s the average number of hours sleep they gain a night. Results from the Comfomatic Sleep Study, show that people who have invested in a Comfomatic bed, improve their sleep by an average of one extra night’s worth of sleep per week. That’s more than seven weeks’ worth of additional sleep, or an extra 52 nights’ worth of sleep a year!

Just think. Could you benefit from an extra 52 nights’ worth of sleep a year if you needed it?

Improved quality of sleep has been shown in other studies to help with digestion, potentially ease arthritis pain and reduce the effect of sleep apnea too. Sore muscles can benefit from the zero-g position, and the combination of a better sleep and improved circulation can even help your heart.

That’s a lot of benefits for such a small change, right?

How Can Comfomatic Help?

If you’re wondering how you can incorporate all of these benefits in to your sleep then you’re in the right place. At Comfomatic we’ve developed a range of adjustable electric beds which can all be moved in to the zero gravity position with a handy remote control.

As well as that, our beds are easy to get in and out of and can be customised to your preferred style and needs. And are available at competitive prices to suit most pockets.

Although adjustable beds are not medical beds, nor are they medically proven to in the fight against serious conditions, they have helped thousands of customers to improve the overall quality of their lives. This is evidenced by the above mentioned Comfomatic Sleep Survey. As a general summary, our customers tell us they feel more relaxed and comfortable when in a bed from Comfomatic, leading them to sleep longer.

Sleep can be an incredibly difficult for many of us. Simply sleeping is easier said than done, and lack of it has a telling impact on your well-being. If you think that you might benefit from an adjustable electric bed (hint: you probably would) then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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