What are the side effects of Broken Sleep?

Not enjoying that perfect night’s sleep?

We all enjoy a good night’s sleep. Get tucked under the covers, snuggle up with someone special and fly away to a magical place in your dreams. Unless, of course, your old mattress is keeping you grounded.

So, if you’re suffering broken sleep, what’s the worst that could happen? Making you a little grumpy, maybe? Are the side effects of broken sleep really that bad?

The short answer is yes.

The NHS says that we need around eight hours of sleep a day and that the fatigue caused by lacking sleep is ‘bad for your health’. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/sleep-and-tiredness/why-lack-of-sleep-is-bad-for-your-health/

You’re not as sharp

We love to feel that we’re at our best at work and home so if you’re sleep is broken, then often your train of thought is too. Broken sleep makes us less productive, limiting our capacity to succeed. We all know that often it’s your home life that suffers as sleep deprivation makes work a constant struggle. We’re told to spend a third of every day of our lives in bed, so the tiniest issue with our mattress can mean a lifetime of struggling to keep up. It’s vital you get this right.

Your memory suffers

Isn’t it just the worst feeling when you forget that important job you had to do at work? We’re sure your boss will remember! Maybe your better half wanted something this Christmas but you just can’t think what. Sleep has a huge impact on how we remember, from the littlest of things to that huge ‘no-no’. By getting a full night’s sleep, you’re recharging your memory and then you’re less likely suffer any ‘system error’ of the mind.

You’ll be cranky

Something that we all know about is how mad we get when we’re up in the night, whatever time or circumstance. Broken sleep often means our bodies do not enjoy the relaxation that they should, which automatically gets our backs up. Broken sleep doesn’t just mean that we suffer a short tether, it means that you’re more likely to suffer from depression in the long term.

A solution?

We know that so many factors contribute to a successful night of sleep. But, your bed is a key part. Broken springs and frustrating creaking make taking off into your dreams that bit harder. Customer reviews show that our Adjustable Beds have no such issues. So check out our range today! https://www.comfomatic.com/our_products-category/the-comfomatic-adjustable-bed-range/

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