Ways to Look After Yourself in 2020

Physical self-care and mental health are two significant factors that contribute to our overall happiness. Awareness about the importance of exercise has been around for years. Last decade, more of us started looking after our state of mind. Fuelled by media exposure and celebrities highlighting mental health as an important issue, finally people are making the “healthy mind, healthy body” connection.

If you’re waking up to the fact that we need to take care of our body and mind, here are four ways to look after yourself this year.

Sort All of Your Aches and Pains

You’ve probably had that sore back for the last year. What about that ache in your knee? That click in your ankle? Or the muscle in your neck which just isn’t right? Has that been there for years?

If it has, now’s the time to finally address those issues. Book a doctor’s appointment, or get specialist treatment from physiotherapy. They may also recommend specific yoga, Pilates, or wellness classes which are sure to alleviate those issues.

It’s also important that you get the rest you need, allowing your body to recover from the exhaustion of each days’ activities. Adjustable beds might give you the best chance of a good night’s rest. Better still, beds with in-built massage will help blood circulation to bolster other “self-help” activities.

Learn How to Sleep Better

Sleep is incredibly important when it comes to wellness and self-care. It’s no coincidence that focusing on a better sleeping pattern is included on every single ‘ways to look after yourself’ list, year after year. Although science is only just catching up with the theory.

Sleep quality and mental health are closely linked. A lack of sleep will leave you run down, fatigued and irritable. Lack of sleep over a sustained period will cause our mental health to deteriorate.

When it comes to improving your slumber, make sure you know what works for you. Everybody is different after all. Get into a good sleep pattern, avoid heavy meals and alcohol before bedtime. Invest in comfortable, high-quality mattresses and pillows. If you’re constantly struggling to find that perfect sleep position, why not consider an adjustable bed? If you want to know more, take time to look at some of our other blog posts, where we explore the topic in more detail.

Take Care of Your Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is often overlooked by people wanting to improve their health. Last decade, many workplaces, corporations, and societies in general began to recognise the significance of mental health in our daily lives. But more still needs to be done.

Make sure to use one act of self-care each and every day. Cook a favourite meal, read for half an hour, talk to family and friends, or visit your local sports club. You deserve the ‘time off’ to relax and recover from the daily routine.

Balancing your workload and responsibilities alongside enjoyable activities will give you a feeling of self-worth.

And, if you feel that you’re struggling with your mental health, then ask for help. There’s no shame or embarrassment in asking for help – it’s imperative that you do. If Prince Harry can talk openly about mental health, then we can too! Burying stress, anxiety and depression, and ignoring any issues altogether, will only make things worse.

Create a Space You Love

When we look to rest our mind and body; to gain decent sleep, we need a special, safe, and comfortable place to do that.

We spend so much of our time in our bedroom, and it should be an enjoyable living space to be in. This is where we unwind, relax, and try to put our mind at ease.

For many, the bedroom is a place that reflects their personality. If your bedroom doesn’t, then why not think about giving it a makeover? If there are things irritating you in your bedroom, then change them! Find pictures, colours and fabrics that make you smile. That make you happy!

As well as the look and style of your bedroom, the most important things we can do is replace old beds.

At Comfomatic, we have a range of luxurious, comfortable and stylish adjustable beds that are sure to give you the rest you need. Improving sleep quality feeds into our mental health. Finding the right sleeping position will most likely help ease any aches and pains.

If this advice sounds like it will help YOU look after yourself in the 2020s, then get in touch with our friendly team. We’re more than happy to explain the benefits of our adjustable beds.

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