How to stay warm in your adjustable bed

Here in the UK, it’s quite common to feel a chill in the middle of the night, whether that’s due to colder seasons, bad weather or a poor sleeping environment. Cold evenings can lead to sleepless nights, and they can be bad for your health too. That’s why it’s so vital to make the extra effort to ensure a warm and comfortable sleep, every night.

If you have recently invested in an adjustable bed or you’re thinking about doing so, you’ll want to make the most out of it, part of which involves keeping warm in the night. In this guide, you’ll find a number of tips and tricks to try out, each of which will help you to maintain a warm and soothing sleeping environment in your bedroom and in your adjustable bed.

Think about your pyjamas and other clothing for bed

First things first, a good set of pyjamas will work wonders in keeping you warm in your adjustable bed. Cheaper synthetic materials will not have the same effect as natural materials such as cotton, wool or silk. Invest in quality pyjamas as your first step towards a warm and comfortable night’s sleep.

You should also think about buying some thick, soft bed socks to wear whilst you sleep. These are especially useful for anyone with poor circulation, providing an extra layer to help improve circulation and send you off to sleep.

Preheat the bed with an electric blanket

An electric blanket is a surefire way to keep you warm throughout the night. What’s more, you won’t have to worry too much about rising energy costs, as you can simply use the electric blanket to preheat your bed, rather than leaving it on throughout the night.

Switch your electric blanket on an hour or so before you head to bed, then switch it back off just before you get in. You’ll immediately feel the benefit and will continue to do so right the way through the night.

Enjoy a hot, relaxing bath before bed

Baths are incredibly relaxing and soothing, which in itself is enough to send you into a deep and peaceful sleep. However, sinking into the warm temperatures of a bath will help to keep you warm throughout the night, especially if you have a soak just before you head to bed.

Snuggle up with a hot water bottle

There’s not much better than a hot water bottle to keep you warm in bed, which is why they have been so popular for so many years! Top up your hot water bottle just before you’re ready to hit the hay, then put its cover on and head to bed – you’ll feel as snug as a bug thanks to your soothing hot water bottle!

Other ways to help you feel warm ahead of getting into bed

Sit down with a hot soothing drink before bed, such as warm milk, Horlicks or Ovaltine, or even a decaffeinated fruit or herbal tea. This will help you to feel warmer ahead of bed and will prepare you for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Alternatively, get your blood pumping with some mild exercise an hour or so before bedtime. This will help to boost your circulation which will make you feel warmer throughout the night.

Keep an eye on your bedroom temperature

The perfect room temperature to sleep in is between 16°C and 18°C, so you should always aim to maintain this temperature within your sleeping space.

Keep a digital thermostat in your bedroom so that you can see how warm or cold the space is. You might also be able to adjust the temperature from the thermostat, depending on how your heating works.

Draught proof your home and your bedroom as much as possible, to prevent cold air creeping into the room which could make you feel chilly at night.

Invest in a couple of different duvets

The tog rating on your duvet determines how thick it is and how effective it will be in keeping you warm throughout the night. Higher tog ratings are recommended for colder seasons, whereas lower tog ratings should keep you warm enough in the spring and summer.

Investing in both a high tog and low tog duvet will help to keep you warm throughout the year, whilst also making sure you don’t get too hot either. Alternatively, you could introduce several layers of bedding to your sleeping space, to trap warm air and to be able to remove one layer at a time if you ever get too hot.

Use multiple pillows as insulation

Not only do piles of pillows create an attractive decorative addition to your bedroom, they will help to keep you warmer at night as well! Surround yourself with several pillows to create a barrier that keeps the warm body heat in and the cold air out.

You’ll find that you can utilise many of these tips and tricks together, or alternatively, you can pick and choose which methods you think will work best for you. Either way, it’s well worth trying out these popular ways of staying warm at night, to really make the most of your brand new adjustable bed and the many benefits it can bring.

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