Gogglebox Granny shows how to get out of a Rise and Recline Chair

Series 14, Episode 11 of Channel 4’s Gogglebox saw the UK’s favourite Bristolian grannies extoling the virtues of a rise and recline chairs. In a hilarious on screen demonstration, St Monica Trust residents, Marina used the rise and tilt facility to show how to simple it is to get out of a chair.

Marina, who turns 91 in January, showed her younger friend Mary just how great the rise and tilt is for her to easily stand up after watching TV. The two friends shared laughs as the chair rose up and allowed Marina to stand up with no difficulty at all. The chair is part of the furniture in Marina’s apartment, where filming takes place.

All Comfomatic customers would have watched the episode with a knowing smile. That is because the secret of easily getting out of high seat chairs is already know to thousands of Comfomatic customers across the UK.

Comfomatic rise and chairs are market leaders. They come with a range of additional benefits too. Such as in-built massage and a back-up battery pack that means the chair will always work, even in a power cut. The chairs also offer a choice of controls by either buttons positioned on the side of the chair, or by a hand-held remote control.

The recent episode of Gogglebox is likely to have caused a surge of interest in this type of chair. After all, they do make life so much more comfortable and relaxing. Marina certainly loves hers.

To find out more about the Comfomatic range of rise and recline chairs, click here.

Image source: Channel 4’s Gogglebox

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