Coronavirus Update

Dear Customer,

Following the instruction issued by the UK Government, we are currently in lockdown and so all of our premises are currently closed. We are sorry for the impact this important measure will have on customers and potential customers, but we are committed to following government instructions to protect the public.

We will review this position regularly and update you as soon as is possible. We stand ready to provide our usual first class service on the other side of the lockdown.

You can contact our customer service number 0151 559 1140 and leave a message. These messages are being reviewed regularly and, if we are able to assist you during the lockdown, we will.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation at this difficult time for the nation. We wish you and our wonderful NHS and Social Care teams the best wishes. Please stay safe and we will see you on the other side.

Mike McNicholas
Managing Director
Comfomatic Ltd

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