Comfomatic’s ‘White Glove’ Delivery

You’ve ordered your UK-built adjustable bed from Comfomatic. Shortly after, the day has arrived for delivery. Of course you’re excited. It’s important everything runs smoothly. The delivery is made on time and with the minimum of fuss.

That is where Comfomatic’s ‘White Glove’ Service comes into play.

In this article, Head of Logistics, ‘Mikey’, talks about why the Comfomatic delivery service is exemplary.

Mikey describes the “great pride” Comfomatic takes to, “…deliver on time and with the minimum of disruption to our customers.” Their fleet of engineers cover the whole of the UK, including regular deliveries to the Islands and Ireland.

Beds and chairs are bulky items, but the team take care not to damage décor when delivering.

As Mikey says, “OK, so the ‘white gloves’ aren’t actually made of leather or cloth. That would be silly. Items would slip out of our hands. We use rubber grip gloves that ensure that we can carry items safely and cleanly. White Glove is a verbal representation of the care that we take.”

What does that mean to customers?

“This means customers can relax. Their delivery is safe in our hands.”

The setting up of beds is also a process requiring great care. The well-built beds are positioned exactly to the customer’s requirements. Once set up correctly and the adjustable system checked over, the customer is shown how to use the remote control.

This is usually the best part for customers. They are excited about trying out their new bed or chairs. The beds adjust to an infinite number of sleeping positions. Customers soon find the positions they prefer to sit up and read, watch tv and, most importantly, sleep comfortably.

Mikey is rightly proud of the service the company provides saying, “It gives me a great amount of pleasure to deliver our furniture into the homes of people who may have been struggling with sleep. We get hundreds of letters of thanks every year and video testimonials are popular with customers wanting to express how much our products improve the quality of their lives.”

Before dashing off on yet another trip to delivery beds and chairs, Mikey said, “I believe our team of delivery engineers is the best in the furniture industry.”

The video testimonials Mikey refers to above can be seen here

Interview by Kelly Farrington.

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