Adjustable Bed Buyers Guide

Plenty of people buy an adjustable bed, whether that’s for medical reasons or for additional comfort as they age, when your purchasing an adjustable bed you’ll want to make sure your investment is the right one for you and your own specific needs.

We’ve created the ultimate adjustable bed buyers guide, containing all the information you need to help you make the right purchase for you. From the different frames and mechanisms, to the storage facilities it provides, you’ll feel confident in knowing which adjustable bed is right for you, after reading our handy guide.

Factors to think about before shopping for an adjustable bed

Before starting your search you may want to consider the following factors. This will help you to ensure that when purchasing an adjustable bed it will meet all your needs. Of course, if you receive a consultation from a company such as Comfomatic your adviser should be able to help guide you in the process where needed.

Are you looking for support for any problem areas?

Many people choose to invest in an adjustable bed to help tackle problem areas, such as their back, knees, hips or necks. Being able to provide these details to an adjustable bed expert will enable them to offer expert advice on the number of adjustable parts your new bed will need – if there’s just one specific area, you may not need as many adjustable parts as those who have multiple.

Will you need a double or single adjustable bed?

If you sleep on your own, a single bed could cut down the cost of your adjustable bed. But of course, if your partner is sharing the bed with you, you’ll want to make sure to invest in a double! You can even get dual operating adjustable beds for if you and your partner prefer different sleeping positions.

Do you need assistance getting in and out of bed?

If you, like many others, need a helping hand getting in and out of bed, it will absolutely be worthwhile investing in an adjustable bed that comes with height adjustable support bars. With these by your side, you’ll have no trouble making it to and from the land of nod! Best to make a note of this feature ahead of searching for your perfect bed.

How much space do you have for your new bed?

Adjustable beds come in standard bed sizes so if you’re replacing size like for like then there should be no issues with fitting the new bed in your room. However if you’re planning on changing the bed size or layout of the room we would recommend taking some measurements ahead of searching for a bed, so that you’re sure it will fit in your room, in amongst other furniture.

The different forms of adjustable bed

As mentioned earlier, adjustable beds typically differ depending on the number of moveable parts that they have. The more support you require, the more complex their adjustability. Knowing how many support areas you might need will help you and the expert to narrow down which type of adjustable bed you should opt for.

  • Two-way adjustable beds lift your back and shoulders up and down, allowing you to move from a seated position to a reclined position.
  • Three-way adjustable beds do the same as two-way beds, but with the addition of being able to lift your knees, too. You can alter the position of each mechanism independently, to help find the perfect sleeping position for yourself.
  • Five-way adjustable beds offer the full works. In addition to the other moving parts, you will also be able to adjust the bed where your neck and head sits.
  • Dual-adjustable beds are the perfect solution for couples who have different preferences when it comes to their sleeping positions.

Additional features and accessories that can be added on to your purchase

For ultimate comfort, there are a number of other accessories or features to bear in mind when investing in an adjustable bed. Whilst some are necessary for the proper function of your adjustable bed, others can be added on to improve its overall performance.

  • The remote plays an imperative part in being able to adjust your bed to your perfect sleeping position. However, you often have the option of whether to opt for a cable or wireless remote.
  • Some beds are also height adjustable, which is perfect for those of you who find it difficult to get in and out of bed alone, or for those who receive physio in bed.
  • Bed rails are available if you’re worried about falling out of your new bed. These are easily dropped down when you want to get in and out of bed.
  • If you hate the thought of your mattress moving from one position or slipping off the bed frame, then a mattress end support could be right up your street!
  • Last but not least, storage options are also often available, so if you could do with some extra drawers to store some items away, this will be a worthy additional feature.

Much of this is down to your own preferences and what will work best for you and your needs from your new adjustable bed. Again, it’s worth making a note of some of the features that you think would benefit you, so that you can discuss them with the expert when making the purchase.

Speak to the experts

Adjustable beds are much more complex than buying a standard frame and mattress. Our experts have years and years of experience behind them, along with plenty of knowledge on what beds and best for certain needs. It makes complete sense to discuss your requirements with these experts, for them to then offer their recommendations on what bed is best for you.

What to ask your local adjustable bed expert

To make sure you’re completely prepared ahead of making your investment, here are some questions to ask the adjustable bed expert, when trying our their range of beds and making a decision on the right one for you.

  • What safety features does the bed have?
  • Will your preferred frame and mattress work together?
  • Is there a warranty and/or guarantee? How long are they valid for?
  • Is there a weight limit?
  • Can I have the bed delivered to my home and installed in my room?
  • Will you be able to take my old bed away?
  • Is there any maintenance or servicing required for the bed?
  • Will the adjustable bed work if your electricity cuts out?
  • How noisy is the mechanism?

By now, you should have all the information you need to prepare yourself for that all important investment. In no time at all, you’ll be happy and comfortable sleeping in your home, with the help of your new adjustable bed.

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