Mammoth Medical Grade Foam

What is… Medical Grade Foam?

Naturally cooling Mammoth Medical Grade Foam was developed in healthcare to ease aches and pains, return people to better health whilst being incredibly comfortable. It is specifically designed to relieve pressure and help maintain and improve quality of life.

What does it mean:

You will sit longer in greater comfort and safely with Mammoth. That’s because our leading seating technology may provide:

  • Better ease of movement
  • Better support and posture
  • Reduced risk of falling and injury
  • Plus, Mammoth’s cooling airflow channels help:
  • Reduce sweating, moisture and bacteria build up
  • For a cooler more comfortable sit
So effective, Mammoth are:
  • NHS award winners
  • Partnered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
  • Recommended by health professionals and experts
    across the U.K.
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