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Rosemary Oldwinkle

Comfomatic Adjustable Bed owner Rosemary Oldwinkle gives an unpaid testimonial telling us how her Comfomatic adjustable bed has helped. Before getting her Comfomatic she reports that her sleep would be disturbed by her husband. Rosemary reports that since getting her Dual System Comfomatic bed they can sleep independently and her sleep is less disturbed and she gets a better night’s sleep.

Rosemary reports that since getting her Comfomatic bed she uses the massage facility of a night whilst reading and this helps her to relax and go to sleep.

Rosemary reports that using the massage facility helps ease the aches and pains, helping her feeling more relaxed when she gets up in the morning. Since getting her Comfomatic bed Rosemary reports it is easier to get up out of bed by using the head elevation which she finds a lot better.

Mrs Aldwinckle suffers from osteoarthritis, diabetes, swollen ankles (oedema) and high blood pressure. She describes how before owning a Comfomatic bed she had great difficulty sleeping, she was never really comfortable and could only sleep for 2 – 2½ hours at a time waking up in the morning still having swollen ankles. Since getting the Comfomatic bed her pattern of sleeping has improved quite considerably, she can now sleep up to 6 hours at a stretch without any problems. Mrs Aldwinkle reports that she uses the leg elevation on her bed and now she does not have any problem with swollen ankles. Mrs Aldwinckle describes how the massage facility on the bed has provided her with relief from pain and enabled her to relax more.