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The Comfomatic Rise & Recline Chair Range

All Comfomatic rise and recline chairs are British made, designed and manufactured using traditional British craftsmanship. Every product is checked and approved at every stage of production to assure years of comfort and satisfaction

When it comes to our powered recliner range again we provide our customers with a choice from our no frills rise and recliner through to a superb dual motor hand crafted leather powered recliner; featuring back up battery, soothing heat and a relaxing five zone ten motor massage system. Most Comfomatic powered recliners come in a range of sizes and specifications and with prices from only £1440 though to £5448 it really is easy to see that we have tried to provide a product to fit every home and every budget.

Whilst talking about price, it’s important to know that you may be eligible for VAT zero rating, meaning that you could save the VAT element. For more details, please ask for details using our contact form.

At Comfomatic we believe everyone has the right to total relaxation. We also understand that choosing the correct chair can be a daunting prospect. We believe that the essence of real comfort is the ability to totally relax. We understand how important it is to find a bed and chair that offer the ultimate in active comfort, effortlessly easing you into the optimum position.

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High Leg Lift Tilt-in-Space

The flagship of our Rise & Recline chair range provides total support together with tilt in space technology.  As the name suggests this chair allows the user to comfortably raise the leg to a higher level than our standard range of chairs, providing all the benefits that go with the higher leg lift…

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Deluxe Rise and Recline Chair

The Deluxe

Our Deluxe recliner is available in superb hardwearing, practical fabric or sumptuous leather, designed by Comfomatic to complement any home. The Deluxe recliner chair features a dual motor design...

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Thornton Rise & Recline Chair

The Thornton

Our Thornton recliner offers a no frills rise and recliner for those on a limited budget. The Thornton features a one size single motor design that can gently and smoothly position the chair into a variety of reclining positions…

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