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Double Adjustable Beds

Put your sleepless nights to rest with a Comfomatic double adjustable bed. At 4’6 wide (1.3m) these beds these beds can be used for either single or double occupancy and our initial findings from our National Sleep Survey prove that they’ve helped many troubled sleepers enjoy a better night’s sleep.

The essence of real comfort is the ability to totally relax. At Comfomatic we understand how important it is to find a bed that offers the ultimate in ‘active’ comfort, effortlessly easing you into your optimum position and gently massaging away the aches and pains of the day.

Whether you’re after a no frills adjustable bed or are after something with a host of features, we’re sure we’ll have something right for you. Some of the features that our beds include are:

  • Wall hugging action
  • Courtesy lighting
  • Massage systems
  • Integrated heating
  • The products features illustrated on this page vary by model variant

To find out more about our range of adjustable beds you can select the model below, with each available in up to super king size, or you can book a free No Obligation Consultation in the comfort of your own home, just call 08000 807 806 now.

Sandringham Adjustable Beds

The Sandringham

This is the most popular bed in the Comfomatic range. Not only is this one of the most comfortable beds money can buy but it also comes with a host of features, all designed to make life more relaxing and to help you to get the best night’s sleep of your life…

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Windsor Adjustable Bed

The Windsor

So you need drawers in your bed, and want to enjoy the benefits of adjustability, then look no further because with the Comfomatic Windsor, we have combined all of the convenience and benefits of adjustability with the practicality of optional built in storage drawers…

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