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Leonard Beasley

Comfomatic Adjustable Bed owner Leonard Beasley gives an unpaid testimonial telling us how his Comfomatic adjustable bed has helped. Leonard reports he was a sceptic about the massage part of the bed but since trying it he reports it has made such a difference.

Leonard has type two diabetes, high blood pressure, claudication in the legs and back pain. Before his Comfomatic Leonard reports he used to get up in the morning and his back pain was so bad he found it difficult to stand. Since getting his Comfomatic bed Leonard reports he has not had that pain at all.

Leonard has diabetes, high blood pressure and claudication in the legs. Before he got his Comfomatic he reports that he used to feel the muscles getting knotted and it would be uncomfortable. Since getting his Comfomatic bed he can elevate his legs, use the massage function and as a result he reports it helps to reduce the pain and has since improved his sleep.

Mr Beazley suffers from diabetes, very high blood pressure, claudication, poor circulation. Mr Beazley describes how he has suffered in the past with his back following an accident. He also describes how prior to getting his Comfomatic adjustable bed he would be up and down all night running back and forth to the toilet, generally uncomfortable. He describes how when elevating his legs and using the massage facility he can feel the tension flowing out of his legs. The Comfomatic bed has made a real difference for him.