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Jessie Apsley

Comfomatic Rise & recline Chair owner Jessie Apsley gives an unpaid testimonial telling us how her Comfomatic Rise & Recline Chair has helped. Jessie reports the heat pads on her Comfomatic chair help reduce pain and with relaxation, she reports that she can use this function as many times as needed throughout the day.

Before getting her Comfomatic chair she had a lounger which she had difficulty getting up out of. Since getting her Comfomatic Jessie reports she has no problem getting up and out of her chair and she also feels more relaxed due to the extra functions available.

Before getting her Comfomatic she reports she suffered from pain from her osteoarthritis and she had difficulty getting out of the chair. Since getting her Comfomatic chair Jessie reports that she could use the chair to help her get onto her feet. She also reports that the added bonus of the chair is the heat pads as these are helpful in relaxing the pain.