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Jean Brown

Comfomatic Adjustable Bed owner Jean Brown gives an unpaid testimonial telling us how her Comfomatic adjustable bed has helped. Jean reports that before getting her Comfomatic her sleep would be very disturbed and she would get up two to three times a night. Jean reports that since getting her Comfomatic bed she can use the massage facility and sleep for six hours or more.

Jean has osteoarthritis, cancer and bad circulation. Jean reports that by most evenings her ankles and legs are swollen but by raising her Comfomatic bed at the foot and head her legs and ankles are virtually back to normal in the morning. Jean reports that this means she can have a productive day.

Mrs Brown suffers from osteoarthritis, very poor circulation in her legs, oedema and cancer. Mrs Brown describes how she realises the Comfomatic bed is not a cure but since getting the bed the improvement in her legs has been tremendous.