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Deidre Bed

Comfomatic Adjustable Bed owner Deidre Bed gives an unpaid testimonial telling us how her Comfomatic adjustable bed has helped. Deidre has neuropathic chronic pain. Before her Comfomatic due to the pains at night she would have to sit up in an armchair. Since getting her Comfomatic bed Deidre reports that she can sleep as she can use the head elevation which helps reduce her pain.

Jane has neuropathic chronic pain which she takes medication for. Since getting her Comfomatic bed she finds the massage element beneficial as it soothes and relaxes her. Deidre states the bed is fantastic and she would recommend it.

Deidre has had major surgery in the past few years and this has left her with neuropathic chronic pain on her right side. Before her Comfomatic Deidre reports that getting up in the morning was a nightmare and her husband would have to help her. Since getting her Comfomatic bed Deidre reports she can raise herself up and that the bed has enabled her to live her life normally.

Deidre describes how she now experiences neuropathic pain on her right side following surgery. Deidre describes how before getting her Comfomatic bed getting comfortable at night, getting out of bed in the morning bed was a nightmare. Since getting the Comfomatic bed, it’s been a god send. The Comfomatic bed allows her to select a comfortable position and allows her to get out of the bed more easily.