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David Oldwinkle

Comfomatic Adjustable Bed owner David Oldwinkle gives an unpaid testimonial telling us how his Comfomatic adjustable bed has helped. David reports that since getting his Comfomatic bed it has changed his life, he reports feeling comfortable, rested and relaxed when he wakes after a good night’s sleep. David reports that the massager relaxes him and this helps with circulation so he can carry on with a normal life without the aches and pains he had before.

David practiced as an Osteopath for 40 years, and reports that for a massage it must be a gentle and smooth movement. Since getting his Comfomatic bed he reports that the massage facility does just that, he also states that it helps with circulation and to relax the muscles.

Mr Aldwinckle is a retired osteopath with over 40 years experience. He has experienced problems with his back for some time due to his work, his posture and bad posture beds and seating. He describes how since getting the Comfomatic bed there has been a great difference in his posture in bed resulting in better sleep and less pain. Mr Aldwinkle describes how he would highly recommend the Comfomatic bed and that he has started recommending the bed to many of patients that he used to have.