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Sleep plays a vital role in our everyday health and wellbeing, but for many, it doesn’t come easily. There are numerous factors that cause plenty of us to struggle to sleep, from stress and anxiety, to an unhealthy lif

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Here in the UK, it’s quite common to feel a chill in the middle of the night, whether that’s due to colder seasons, bad weather or a poor sleeping environment. Cold evenings can lead to sleepless nights, and they can

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Uncomfortable nights can lead to low quality sleep, which can only add to your worries and problems. As you get older, it’s natural to find it more difficult to sleep as well as you have done in the past, and this is o


Sleep plays a vital role in boosting your overall health at every stage of life. From the moment we are born through to our golden years. The importance of sleep remains the same through every life stage. As we get ol

Comfomatic had over a ‘contract’ committing us to aim for the next target of £250k!!! +

Specialist bed-maker ‘springs’ into action to raise £100k for Macmillan The team here at Comfomatic is very proud to announce that we have now hit the £100,000 fundraising mark for Macmillan Cancer Support.The C

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It’s common knowledge that an average of 8 hours of sleep will contribute towards a happy and healthy lifestyle. However, there remains a concern that many people are ignoring the importance of sleep quality within tho


Waking up from a good night’s sleep can leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to start the day ahead, but it takes much more than the odd night of 8 hours to really make an impact on your overall lifestyle


As you get older, it can become increasingly difficult to get the recommended amount of quality sleep every night. Whether that’s down to health conditions, your sleeping environment, stress, or even a poorly planned r


The way in which our minds and bodies react to sleep can change as we age. The length and pattern of a young child’s sleep can differ vastly from those on the other side of the spectrum. These sleeping habits develop f


As we age, the vast majority of us find it increasingly difficult to get a sound night’s sleep. By the time our 20s have reached an end, so too have the nights of deep and undisturbed dozing - by our 50s, the average p