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Variable speed deluxe

Now you can experience the benefits of massage or soothing heat in the comfort of your new Comfomatic bed or chair! Most Comfomatic beds and chairs are fitted with massage systems, ranging from our variable speed deluxe massage system, right through to our ten-motor five zone massage with soothing heat*. See the individual product ranges for massage specification.


The massage system within your Comfomatic furniture is designed to aid your relaxation and comfort, it is not a substitute for medical care. Should you have a medical device fitted (eg Pacemaker etc) you must consult a qualified medical practitioner before using the Comfomatic Massage system.

The variable speed massage system within Comfomatic furniture is provided via motors that vibrate. In common with all systems that operate in this way, the motors will create noise. The noise experienced is a normal part of its operation and is affected by several factors including the floor surface, the intensity of the massage, the speed and the type of massage selected. The massage system has a timer that will automatically turn it off after a pre-determined period. The massage system fitted to Comfomatic beds is not designed to run all night long.

*  Most Comfomatic Sandringham beds are fitted with our deluxe variable speed massage system. Most Comfomatic Windsor beds are fitted with our five – zone massage system. When heat is selected as an option with our bed ranges, the heat is provided via a heated under blanket. Most Comfomatic High Leg Lift & Deluxe Chairs are fitted with a ten-motor five-zone massage system and soothing heat. All products are available, as options, without massage and/or heat.  Comfomatic Sutton beds and Thornton chairs are not supplied with heat or with massage.